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NEO NATIVES is a curated boutique brand in kid’s day to party wear with an aim to provide skin friendly fabrics in pocket friendly prices. Each and every style or product has been made with special details ensuring all fabrics coming to direct contact of the skin are pure cotton – Light weight, breathable and easily wearable. So now, no longer kids need to party in heavy uncomfortable synthetic fabrics that make them sweat all day through. The fabrics be it premium cotton with satin finish for shirts   or the super soft tees , all are super light and breathable to help the kids be in their freedom mode while feeling like Rock stars.

We believe in Kids - the spirit of Life

We at NEO NATIVES are not only selling garments but goodness of everyday life for our little heroes. So besides stitching eco-friendly fabrics into sustainable styles , we package every product with fun freebie Posters to pep up their day or style garments with attitude badges with slogans that make the kids realize of their worth.

We are Sustainable

Born out of love, we make each of our clothes timeless and last longer. The brand provides unisex, classic and playful designs that are ready to grow along with the child and can easily be passed on from bothers to sisters and vice versa thus solving the pollution caused by mass fashion purchase and wardrobe overburdened with junks.

Neo Natives started with the passion of making a perfect fusion of Indian Fabrics and Colours in the comfort of western silhouettes, giving them a Neo Pop twist in KIDSWEAR. It believes in the use of skin friendly and lightweight fabrics keeping in mind the end user kids. The brand, since its inception, has curated a collection of festive wear shirts with bow ties and waist coats and fun print cotton Tees in skin-friendly fabrics and pocket friendly prices. Because our kids deserve the best!


Kids love fun quirky prints like dinosaurs, parrots and vehicles in free spirited colours. Neo Natives blends the contemporary motifs/characters with a palette that is adorably Indian.


Let the overpowering age of automation not consume your kid’s imagination away!! Let your kid wear snippets from the nature around him. Let his uniqueness thrive through our quirky happy graphics, contrast trims and innovative add-ons. We believe in making kids get noticed; but in their own skin.


Have you ever picked up a kid’s party shirt only to realise later that there might be no air passing through the fabric but there might be a little too much light passing through the seams?? We understand that your kid might want to do a split right in the middle of the party. We remember that kids don’t stop showing off their latest dance move just because he is wearing party clothes. Our products pass through stringent quality tests – both for endurance and comfort. We provide sufficient seam allowance, reinforced seam strength, soft neck tapes and guaranteed fast colour


Nothing amuses parents like the shirt sleeves that fall too short or the vest that can’t be buttoned up three months later. However, we also understand that the quarterly wardrobe refreshment can leave you pretty price sensitive. Hence, we keep the prices as amusing as the pace at which your child seems to be outgrowing them.


Born from a momma’s heart

NEO NATIVES is born from the heart of a mother.

The brand has been founded by Suparna, who holds a design graduate degree from National Institute of Fashion Technology and has been designing for international brands for over 12 years before starting NEO NATIVES. Managing brands like Lee Cooper, Parx(Raymond), UCB, Mufti   she brings in a fusion of  her  industry trends  and a real life mom’s perspective.

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